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After you find that perfect boat, we can assist you with everyday maintenance and captaining, or navigation of your vessel on the Tennessee River. We also provide a Charter Yacht management service for boats located in the Caribbean, Florida or the Bahamas. If you have need guidance throughout the process of purchasing your boat, we can assist in the negotiation, closing and documentation processes. We can find a crew and maintenance staff to fill every need you might have. Also, we have the capability to market your boat to assure that it is a successful charter yacht.

Charter Yacht Symphony II

Symphony II - Aft Deck

Our passion has always been connected with the water. For over 10 years we have made this connection our business and have diligently researched the charter yacht industry, searching for the next opportunity to complement our company collection.

During that time, we witnessed several swings in domestic and international economic conditions, directly impacting the travel industry. However, we were fortunate to be able to continue to travel abroad, observing and living some of the best, and worst, hospitality experiences the industry had to offer. We worked hard as well, managing our Marina and Resort businesses, while always seeking additional growth opportunities.

Master StateroomIn our travels, we discovered a unique passion, lifestyle, and experience that we both quickly fell in love with. It started with the beauty of the blue of the Caribbean Sea; was enhanced by the smell of salt in the warm southern air; then provided us the ability to surrender ourselves, leaving behind our hectic lives if even for just a few short days. It wasn’t long before we realized that we could take this passion for boating and water to an entirely new level by chartering a fully staffed yacht.

Once a lifestyle for the only the rich and famous, this vacation experience is one that many families can now enjoy and afford. And there are so many options: small boats, big boats, yachts, catamarans, sail boats, some with a captain only and others with multiple crew members. We have tried it all and continue to have a difficult time deciding what has been our “best” experience. But reflecting back, we can certainly conclude that it was not one boat, one meal, or one experience, but rather it always centered around the service and the relationships provided by the crews.

Symphony II - SalonAs with any five-star resort, guests can be pampered with the most lavish accommodations and the finest quality food and beverage, however if the service and/or staff is not extraordinary, an incredible vacation simply becomes forgettable. Similarly, a yacht, no matter how big and beautiful, can provide a disappointing experience if the crew is not attentive to every need and expectation.

Realizing the importance of this, we knew that we could not take on this next opportunity without finding and creating our own “dream team” to make this a reality. And so, the search began……There were numerous qualities that were imperative in our search. This team must be energetic, intelligent, well-traveled, experienced, cross trained, hardworking and personable. Symphony II - Queen StateroomAll crew must possess the desire to be a team player and be perceptive, respectful, interesting, thoughtful, realistic, approachable and most of all, eager to serve. Without a doubt, we were successful in our search, and are excited to introduce you to this “team of our dreams!” We have selected four very different professionals who all offer an exemplary variety of experience both on and off a yacht.

Our goal for Symphony II is to always provide our guests with an extraordinary experience. The difference is in the details and this will be our focus. We want to assure that when our guests complete their cruise, they are filled with fond memories of their experience and the service provided by our crew, and that they are already planning their next trip with us.
Over the next few months you will see this “dream team” come together in partnership with our culinary experts. They will delight brokers, owners, and of course, our guests in a way that surrendering to the luxury and lifestyle of the Symphony II is effortless!

Anchor South Management Group

Symphony II - Twin Beds StateroomSymphony II is our newest Yacht in our management fleet. She is currently available for charter. Visit for more information or contact our charter broker division directly.

To see learn more about our management fleet and our charter locations, please also contact our charter yacht reservations at 865-966-5472 ext. 22